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Upcoming Shows!!!

Okay this Wednesday July 6th we play at Broken City (18+ sorry kids) with Todos Caeran who are on their way back from tour!!/event.php?eid=155785044494099

Then on July 16th we play this really cool show in the middle of the woods. Its going to be a raging full weekend of camping and bands and friends out at Burnt Timber so you should come if you’re not scared of bears or moose. Oh yeah its with like, 10 other bands!!!!/event.php?eid=102509586505889

And on Aug 2nd we play with Ringleader, Old Problems, Voices, Invasion and Greg Bennick from Trial is doing some spoken word thing! COOL.

On Aug 9th we play with PUNCH and LOMA PRIETA from California! At The Area! BE THERE FOOLS.

And to finish off here is a picture of us hanging out in Detroit at the Heidelberg Project.

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